QA Testing

Pan American offers quality assurance (QA) testing services to ensure the functionality, performance, and reliability of software applications. Our QA testers conduct various types of testing, including functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, and security testing, to identify and resolve defects before product release.

QA Testing Roles

Recognizing the pivotal role of timeliness in today’s dynamic software development landscape, Pan American stands committed to an impressive service promise: the delivery of skilled QA and testing professionals within just 5 business days. This swift turnaround time enables our clients to accelerate their development cycles, ensuring not just speed to market but also the delivery of superior, flawlessly functioning software products. Our commitment ensures that businesses can rapidly adapt and respond to market demands, maintaining a competitive edge with software that sets new standards for quality and user experience.

QA Analyst
Test Automation Engineer
Performance Tester
Security Tester
QA Manager/Lead
Usability Tester
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Our commitment to excellence ensures your access to the finest talent, rapid deployment, and significant cost advantages, setting a new standard in tech outsourcing. Experience the difference that comes from a partnership designed to elevate your operations and achieve your strategic goals.

Top Tier Talent: Top 3% of IT talent in LATAM
High English Proficiency: High to advanced English Proficiency
Delivery time: delivery candidates within 5 days  
Hiring cost: savings Up to 60% to US rates / 40% savings over eastern europe / rates equivalent to India prices

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