Discover the Pan American Difference: Excellence in Nearshore Outsourcing

At Pan American, we're crafting the future of nearshore IT solutions with a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and growth. Our journey is driven by the desire to create seamless connections between businesses and top-tier tech talent, fostering partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries.

Our Story

At Pan Am, our journey is fueled by Natalia's firsthand experiences and unwavering resolve. Natalia was facing the day-to-day inefficiencies of offshore collaboration: timezone differences, language barriers, and project delays. Inspired by these challenges, Natalia and a colleague from Latin America envisioned a transformative alternative.Thus, Pan Am emerged, offering cost-effective, culturally compatible services.

Today, we empower businesses to thrive, reshaping IT solutions and the future of technology.

Our Offices

We can help you find the right opportunities that best fit your career goals, expectations, and experience, with the benefits of remote work and being part of top companies in the US and Europe.

To empower businesses with innovative, cost-effective nearshore IT solutions that enhance operational efficiency and drive growth.

We're dedicated to empowering small- to mid-sized company leaders of small to mid-sized companies to bid farewell to offshore IT concerns with our seamless nearshore staffing solutions.


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Meet the Team

At Pan American, our strength lies in our people—the diverse, talented, and passionate professionals dedicated to reshaping the future of nearshore IT solutions. From the visionary leadership steering our mission to the innovative minds driving our day-to-day operations, every member of our team plays a pivotal role in our journey towards excellence.

Natalia Cadle

Founder & Managing Partner

Danna Afanador

Account Manager

Paula Ordoñez

Candidate Operations Manager

Mateo Rey

Marketing Manager

Laura Albarracin

Graphic Designer

Maria Jose Vives

Marketing Specialist

Juliana Vasquez

HR Manager

Melisa Navarrete

Chief of Staff

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